The Past 9 Months and a Look into Future Plans!

Hey how's it going guys Cody here and we are very proud to share the past 9 months with you guys! Some of you have been with us from the start and some might of just heard of us! With our new facility almost ready we are going to share a brief story of the major events since our launch! 

The Past 9 months

We started back in December 2014 and now were at mid August. It has been around 9 months since the launch of the void collection. We started the void collection to provide high quality merch to the fan base of The Atlantic Craft and to bring quality shirts to the gaming industry. We are a 100% american based company from the shirts to the printing to the shipping! We have evolved many times in the past few months and we have learnt so much. We started out working with a 3rd party printing company and shipping company. We didn't like the results with that partner so we split off and began printing the shirts ourselves around February 2015. We purchased a DTG printer and shipped it to our house and thus began our journey. There was a learning curve but right off the bat we began to get into the swing of things. Then come time for summer we pushed several big promotions which overloaded our systems and our work load. We had 3 employees myself (Cody) and I handled all support, website back end and promotion. Then my brother Peter who printed all the shirts and then my mother Tammy who handled all shipping. This worked out for the spring of 2015 but this summer it has been a huge struggle trying to manage the huge influx of orders. We have purchased many new machines for easing the work load and we have been training 2 new employees! So start of September we will be having this employees on full time. The first new member to the void collection family is Kelly. Kelly will be handling all support and will oversee all production. That will leave me to focus on the blogs, website and promotion. Then we have Patrick the next member who will be assisting in printing alongside peter. We will eventually be purchasing a 3d printer for printing figurines of The Atlantic Craft and Voids Wrath. Along with that an embroider for hat printing and a poster printer so we can print all new posters ourselves. These new machines will come in the next 6 months and with that we will look to expand our team further. We are a proud New Hampshire based company and we are hungry to offer top quality products.

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