Updates (New Shirts, Cheaper Prices, Next Day Shipping)


Hey how's it going guys Cody here for a new update to the site! We added a ton of new things and I want to go over them with you guys and let you know! We changed our shipping standards. We also added in new shirt sizes and new shirt designs! There are also some cheaper prices and I will explain today why. With us printing our T-shirts now and shipping them ourselves we can offer cheaper prices as we do not go through a third party. It has been going great the shirts have been printing out perfectly and we can even sign posters per request. Doing this all ourselves gives us much more flexibility with you guys the consumers!

Site Changes

We have been going over a few things with the site and just perfecting everything. We removed Female sizes as the male ones were an overall gender and it makes it much easier to get your shirt printed with less options. We also changed the pricing on white shirts. The style of printing we are doing is direct to garment printing and white shirts do not require a white ink base which colored shirts require. This is great as anyone wanting a white shirt now has a $10 price cut to all shirts. However XXL and higher has a small price increase because of the cost of the shirt. We also added in XSmalls to all shirts as the shirt company just started offering them. These sizes will fit most kids however not infants. 

Shipping Changes

We now have changed our shipping policies. Before with our previous fulfillment center they would take a month of orders and accumulated them at the end of each month and you guys had to wait. We did not like this and we are now honoring 1-2 days next day shipping for posters and 3-5 days shipping for T-Shirts! This means if you place an order we will fulfill it within 1-5 days depending on the order and the order size. We strive to get your items to you as fast as possible and I think this is a huge step in the right direction!


We are consistently working on new shirt designs and apart of this big website update we wanted to include these new designs! We haven't announced a few of them we just slyly added them on and it looks like you guys are already loving them! Here are the new designs added to the site!

Sith Lord

King of Crazy Craft

Crazy Superheroes

Void Cyclone

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