Void Collection Release


Hey how's it going guys Cody here and I am excited to announce the release of the Void Collection! This is our brand new T-Shirt line that has 3 unique shops! One shop being for cartoon shirts based off all Atlantic Craft youtube series. Another based off all Design shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. Every 2 months there is a new monster collection released. Then there is the merch store for all our accessories like backpacks, posters and other various merch items!

Cartoon Shop

We are releasing the Cartoon Shop with 4 unique shirt designs! These designs will be printed on high quality transfer printing. We have 2 new designs in there the Crazy Craft Mobzilla Rampage shirt and also the Darth Penguin Dream Craft shirt. Then we also provide our Let it Glow and Supernatural Mobs T-Shirts for anyone looking for older designs.

Design Shop:

The design shop has 8 new products getting released. There are 2 Designs with 4 T-Shirt variations. Ones with colored shirt material and then others with white T-Shirt material with colored design print. Then there is also sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts. The design shop gets a brand new monster collection every 2 months and this month is the Godzilla Collection with a side view Godzilla and a front view Godzilla!

Merch Shop

The merch shop has various items ranging from backpacks to posters and we are releasing our shop with an Atlantic Craft backpack and 4 posters! There is one brand new poster the Crazy Craft poster that was hand drawn and then there are 3 older animated poster designs Let it Glow, Supernatural Mobs and Jurassic Craft.

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